Batsis apiculture center

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Our center of apiculture started in 1985 from Margarita Batsis and her husband. Actually it was her husband who had a great love for the bees.The place that is found is near in the city of Ioannina placed northwest of Greece (8km) outside from the village of Katsikas. Her building installations and very small of her equipment was included in law 1262/82 and in her name of mother of family Margarita Batsi In the beginning of 1983. The building installations that were manufactured then in the unit are a two-storied accommodated apiary (heated) 250m where they are accommodated permanently 317 bee hives by that are raised mothers of bees (queens) and are produced also royal jelly. From these bee hives is usually not collected honey because it does not suffice for the upper breeding.
Still exists one building 120m. where are accommodated the offices of enterprise, the laboratory of artificial insemination of queens, the laboratory of examination of illnesses and sperm, the laboratory of collecting Royal jelly, the laboratory of honey, pollen and propolis. In the floor of this building and at the half of cover exists loft for the stay and rest of workers. Later in 1990 were bought two parcels (2500 sq.m.) and were added in installations three big deposits 150 m. 90 m. and 90 m. Where then in a space was reinstalled the space for the honey as well as rests products.

The three children of family Zach, Jim, Labrini studied technological agronomists and made final work with the help of centre in apiculture. (themes: "Breeding of queen bees with the help of artificial insemination", "mechanotechnical equipment in the apiculture", "the role of bee in the fruiter trees and apiarian plants").

In 1998 they were included in law 2520/97 as new apiarists. For my bigger son as well as his wife Maria which deals and this in the space of enterprise has been drawn up and approved drawing of improvement of total sum roughly 100.000 € and was equipped the unit with modern equipment. The average temperatures are situated between – 10 C in January and 40 C in summer. The annual average of precipitation is high, July and August are the driest months, long period of sunshine during the months March to September.

The 80% of activity of unit are the improvement of bee with import of genetic material of almost all European races and the creation of hybrids with various crosses and with the method of artificial insemination. Specifically for the artificial insemination the company is pioneer after we are first where we dealt professionally in Greece after even the government owned universities were very behind in this sector. The method of artificial insemination was taught in our company in 1987 from leading the type German professor Peter Shley. In this demonstration had been invited representatives of Ministry of Agriculture and university Thessalonica. In the other European states the method of artificial insemination is applied for enough decades by the 1940.Οur progress in this sector was recognized many times and the the reward comes often from our thanked customers per all over the world.At the same time with the method of artificial insemination is applied also the natural insemination of queens with unverifiable coupling. From the spring 1990 we installed also station of checked natural coupling of queens in the small islet of Koronisia, Arta where the conditions for this aim exist. The coupling of queens becomes only in air and in distance up to 7 kilometres from the place of beehive. In order to we have therefore checked natural coupling it should exists a isolated region where we will be sure for the not existence wild bee hives in distance of 7 kilometres and more as well as the exclusion of import of other beehives.More generally however the unique sure way of control of males in Greece is the artificial insemination. Thus we can raise clean orders for stock farming as well as checked Carrefour’s with program. Afterwards the means May of all nucleus coupling they are transported near in the seat of unit in Ioannina where they will remain all the summertime.

More analytically the centre allocates the following Queens:

  • Queens of all European races with choice clean orders with artificial insemination for breeding purposes.
  • Queens with artificial insemination without choice of drones, for production.
  • Queens with natural insemination and unverifiable mating, for production.

All the queens are been disposed in European mainly countries and in Greece.

The name of enterprise Apiculture Batsi' it is well-known in all Europe in the space of apiculture and it is synonym with qualitative products that it produces.

Acquaintance for her activities became our unit in Europe then from the invitation of association of French apiarists of all France in November 1998 in the Limoges of France aiming at the speech in the congress that became there also to which they spoke stock breeders of queens from the entire world.

Still our company allocates also remainder apiarian products in the local society of our city as well as in certain shops of Athens. In the company is occupied exclusively the members of family 3 children, husband of girl, and his wife of son while fundamental and advisory role on issues apiculture have the father and founder John Batsis. From time to time schools visit our company just as many professionals and amateurs beekeepers for advising and copying our methods.

Information about our aerea: For any access information, please contact us.