Other information:

  • A health certificate is included with each shipment 
  • All queens marked for free
  • Transportation 
    - To France with Cargo flights until Paris airport and after with Geodis France express (queens delivered in 3working days)
    - In the other countries shipment with EMS (express mail service) - (queens delivered in 3-5 working days)
  • We usually ship queens at the beginning of every week.
  • Rush and place early your order for preferable shipping dates 
  • Book orders early for desired ship dates. 
  • Shipping season starts at the beginning of April depending upon spring weather conditions.
  • We accept payment with money transfer to a bank account number
  • Queen prices do not include transportation, health certificate and packing cost.

Pricelist of queen bees

Prices in euro 1-24 25-49 50-99 100-199 200-499 500-999 1000-1499 1500+
15,80 15,40 14,90 14,50 13,60 13,10 12,80 12,20
For breeding 190,00

BATSI's apiculture center :

Our center is located in Ioannina and became operational in 1985. It is a family business that had as its main purpose and has the breeding and improvement of queens. The rearing of queen begins in early spring in areas south of our city where the weather is better. Gradually alveolar transported near the headquarters facility in Ioannina. The breeding program is done with the genetic material is selected based on strict criteria. An exchange genetic material with centers in other countries at regular intervals to update the existing germplasm. It is the only unit in Greece where transactions with almost all countries of the EEC and other countries around the world. Also, our unit is unique in Greece implementing the method of artificial insemination. The breeds are bred more Cecropia, Carnica, Ligustica, Batsis Buckfast & less Caucasia, Macedonica. Available queens unfertilized and fertilized naturally and artificially. Also available with custom selected and artificially pollinated queens and queens selected suitable for breeding. More information about queen races. For orders, please see the relevant page.