Our center is located in Ioannina and became operational in 1985. It is a company whose goal was and is to produce all of its products and bee breeding and improvement of queens. Dedicated to the wonderful world of bees we place great importance on proper collection and production of bee products so that they reach the consumer in the best possible condition (careful treatment of products from production to packaging). All bee products contain valuable information for proper human nutrition, especially now that our lives have become so difficult. So you can listen to apitherapy, a sector that deals beyond diet with bee products and pharmaceutical activity.

From the natural bee products "Ambrosia":

  • Honey
  • Honey and royal jelly / fresh royal jelly
  • Honey with propolis / propolis solution in alcohol / ointment propolis / propolis powder
  • Honey and pollen / pollen fresh - dried or powdered
  • Tonic cocktail ambrosia


What is Apitherapy? Are medicinal use of bee products, honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly's, wax and poison. Apitherapy is as old as the very beekeeping. So it was written by Hippocrates and there are reports in Chinese texts. "Apitherapy is the treatment of human diseases with products collected, translated or secreted by bees and especially honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and bee venom." Products used in apitherapy is mainly either treatment for the whole body of man or act preventively against all diseases. The apitherapy for most products (except the venom of bees requires some Implementing Rules) avoids in general and within the recommended dose, every problem prohibition.

Honey - A real treasure of health and strength:

The value of honey has been appreciated since ancient times. There are reports in Egyptian papyri 3500 thousands of years for its healing properties that honey. Aristotle believed that honey prolong life. Nectar was ambrosia food of the immortal gods of Olympus. Nutritional value of honey: The honey sugars are simple, immediately absorbed by the body so it is a quick source of energy for athletes, children, the sick and feeble for any organization. Honey contains minerals that play an important role in metabolism and nutrition. Honey has antiseptic properties, it is generally tonic and helps in proper functioning of the human body.

Consuming honey helps in faster rehabilitation in cases of anemia due to iron it contains. Greatly helps in faster metabolism of alcohol resulting absolves faster than intoxicated.

Honey is high in choline which helps the people that do sedentary work suffer from constipation. Honey has antimicrobial activity and inhibits the growth of bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms. It has a positive effect on healing, cleansing and disinfecting wounds.

Types of honey: There are two main categories:

The flower honey, produced from the nectar of flowers and the honey that is produced from the sap of conifers and other forest plants.
Each category of honey has the following characteristics and features that distinguish it from the others:

  • Orange tree honey: Light with excellent flavor. Crystallizes in one to two months.
  • Thyme honey: This is a light honey flavor with a pleasant taste. Crystallizes in 6 to 12 months from production.
  • Heather honey: Also called "sousourisio" honey. It is a product with high nutritional value, so it is available mainly from health food stores. It's dark with a distinctive flavor and aroma. Crystallizes very quickly in 1 month.
  • Clover - acacia honey: Light honey with a pleasant taste and radiant appearance.
  • Conifer - honeys from forests: Approximately 70% of production in Greece. It is sweet with the special advantage to prevent crystallization.

Crystallization of honey and quality: Crystallization of honey is a natural phenomenon and not cause any change in nutritional and biological properties of honey. A crystallized honey is not damaged or adulterated. The crystallized honey easily liquidated in a bain - marie (45 C) without losing any of the biological and nutritional properties.

Honey "Ambrosia" is packaged in a glass container of one and half kilo.

The bee pollen - The most complete natural food:

Pollen is a product collected by bees feeding from flowers. It is the richest natural food protein, vitamins, essential amino acids, hormones, enzymes and other useful ingredients in our diet.

Type of food isoleucine leukine lysine methionine phenylalanine threonine tryptophan valine Total
Meat 0.93 1,23 1,45 0,42 0,66 0,81 0,20 0,91 6,58
Eggs 0,85 2,17 0,93 0,39 0,69 0,67 0,20 0,90 6,80
Cheese 1,74 2,63 2,34 0,80 1,43 1,38 0,34 2,05 12,71
Pollen 4,50 6,70 5,70 1,82 3,90 4,00 1,30 5,70 33,62
Table 1: Nutritional comparison : Pollen / other products (mg/100 gr of food)

From the next table shows that pollen predominates in essential amino acids in relation to the above foods. The pollen when used before and during the periods shown allergies positive effect on non-appearance of an allergic reaction in people with allergies. Some individuals have shown an allergic reaction to pollen and bee products in general. Advised to carefully begin recruiting small quantities, maintaining marginal intakes for 2 weeks and then increase that amount to the normal dose. The pollen collected by bees is not the entomofili anemofili which caused allergies.

  • The pollen is high in rutin known as Vitamin R (60 mg/100 gr pollen) a substance which increases the resistance of the capillaries, protecting the body from brain hemorrhages.
  • Pollen contains gonadotrophic hormones.
  • Pollen helps in mental function and diuretic.
  • Pollen helps to improve appetite for it is highly recommended to: Weakness and general body weakness, weight loss, intestinal disorders, memory loss, poor metabolism.
  • Pollen helps to improve the situation of persons with mild allergic reactions and helps to gradually acquire resistance (immunity).
  • Pollen helps in the treatment of inflammation in the prostate.
  • They are rich in cystine, an amino acid positively affects hair growth and hair color.
  • Pollen mitigates and substantially reduces the problems of menopause.
  • Gives euphoria, increases confidence and improves sexual situation.
  • Contains biologically active substances which favorably affect the appetite, fat deposition in the body, the function of the ovaries and thyroid gland and promotes overall fitness of the body.

Pollen is also used as a disinfectant, as a natural tonic sleep to respiratory problems, digestive disorders, neck problems and muscle strengthening. Thirty-five grams of pollen (one teaspoon) a day, covering the daily requirement of protein, vitamins and minerals. The pollen consumption should continue without interruption for 4 to 6 months depending on the needs and response of each individual. The pollen consumed as is, in solution with a fruit juice or a mixture of honey.

Our center has pollen in two forms. Mixed with honey and pollen cash needed fresh refrigerator to preserve.

Dosage: Adults - one tablespoon of pollen every morning. Children 6 to 12 years of a teaspoon of plain milk or half an hour before breakfast. Children 3 - 5 years one tea spoon in milk or orange juice a half hour before breakfast.

Royal Jelly: The "miracle" substance, a real "known-unknown"

Royal jelly is a creamy substance secreted from glands ypofaryngikous worker bees. Characterized by a slight pungent smell and sour taste due to the very low Ph. The name comes from the fact that the larvae destined to become queens are fed exclusively with a large quantity of this food. In P. B. is the determining factor that transforms the larva from worker bee to a queen.
Chemical composition: The Royal Jelly is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The average chemical composition is 65% moisture, 14% protein, 12% carbohydrates, lipids 5% and 1% minerals. The remainder is composed of various compounds such as 10ydroxy-decenoic acid, gamma glouvini, nucleic acids, vitamins of group B, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, biopterin, neopterin, acetylcholine, sexual hormones (estradiol, testosteroli , progesteroli, etc.). Several components of royal jelly remain unclear.

Effects on human body: The product has been the subject of many studies under strict medical supervision in hospitals under the supervision of doctors of various specialties. The surveys were mainly on the effects of the product on neurasthenia, recovering from various situations, to overwork, in geriatrics, the course of pregnancy and in some cases disorders of the body.

  • The Royal Jelly helps tackle rheumatic arthritis due to its high content in 10ydroxy-decenoic acid and pantothenic acid.
  • Royal jelly helps the aged and feeble body.
  • The Royal Jelly finds great application in pediatrics. Italian scientists after long-term experiments in infants born prematurely, in children up to 7.5 years, as well as in children with anemia, pneumonia, bacterial infections and others came to the following conclusions: a) In all cases the Royal Jelly increased body weight. When discontinuation of royal jelly weight stabilizes and starts again when you continue to grow. b) royal jelly improves the appetite. Positive results usually appear 20 days after initiation of treatment. c) increase and stabilize the red blood cells in anemic children. d) significantly enhances the capacity of the organization and resistance to disease.
  • The high content of royal jelly to acetylcholine helping to reduce the blood pressure and treating chronic constipation.
  • Royal jelly helps improve the general mood, increases work ability and appetite and finally helps people gain greater mental and physical strength.
  • According to American scientists, the Royal Jelly has antiseptic and germicidal properties.
  • In experiments performed by Canadian researchers proved that royal jelly prevents the spread of tumor cells and possibly the death of the disease in mice.
  • The Royal Jelly finds application in the treatment of chronic renal failure.
  • Royal jelly is found to be useful therapeutic tool to protect the gums from bleeding.
  • The royal jelly stimulates the adrenal resulting secretion of hormones relating to the metabolism of carbohydrates.
  • The royal jelly is beneficial in some skin types (flat warts). Also, royal jelly helps to overcome lupus erythema on the face and other situations of poor skin health.
  • The Royal Jelly helps people suffering from general fatigue, insomnia, nefropsychoseis, dizziness and general bad mood.
  • Royal jelly contains sexual hormones (testosteroli, progesteroli, estradiol) in concentrations that help men to improve their sexual life and increase muscle strength. In women contribute significantly to milk after birth and the vascularity of the skin giving it gloss and beauty. Our center has the royal jelly in two forms. Mixed with honey and Royal Jelly cash needed to sustain freezing.

Dosage: For adults recommended every morning before breakfast gram of royal jelly under the tongue. Two, three days to consume half a gram of royal jelly to get used to the body. For children under 12 years, half the dose.

Propolis Natural Food "Medication":

Propolis is a resinous sticky substance that bees collect from various plants enrich it with wax, pollen, enzymes and other substances and use it to seal up and disinfect the inside of the nest. Chemical composition. Propolis contains main resin (55%), wax (30%), essential oils (10%), pollen (5%).

Physical properties: The color of the propolis depends on the plant composition. It is usually brownish-green, brown, dark brown. Is insoluble in water and soluble in alcohol, in benzene and a solution of sodium hydroxide.

Effects on the human body:

  • Propolis contains high concentrations flavones, flavonols and flavone, which have the following effects on the human body. a) have a beneficial effect in the capillaries. b) have anti-inflammatory activity in the joints, skin and mucous tissues. c) protect Vitamin C from oxidation. d) inhibit aggregation in vitro erythrokyttarron and in vivo. e) Improve blood circulation. f) have antibacterial activity in gram positive and gram negative bacteria. g) have antiseptic and in combination with organic acids with a double bond benzoate, increase the secretion of bile.
  • Propolis is used to treat wounds of the respiratory organs, oral cavity and other areas of the human body.
  • Propolis is used for chronic pruritus for the treatment of local redness, pharyngitis, mycoses and general problems otolaryngology.
  • Alcoholic extract of propolis 50% is used for the treatment of chronic otitis.
  • Assists in troubleshooting rheumatoid arthritis and spine fusion.
  • Propolis is used in dentistry for the treatment of oral cavity problems.
  • Propolis helps in treating ulcers and treatment of prostate problems.
  • Propolis is used extensively in cosmetics, lotions, facial creams, solution in alcohol, soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

The bee venom:

Το δηλητήριο της μέλισσας περιέχει 18 ενεργές ουσίες. Μελιτίνη, απαμίνη, ντοπαμίνη, αδολαμίνη είναι μερικές ουσίες που περιέχονται στο δηλητήριο.

Επιδράσεις στον ανθρώπινο οργανισμό:

  • Inflammations and arthritis in some systems. Treatment with poison can be useful in rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, and helping of pain and bloating (swelling).
  • Chronic injuries tendonitis and other areas of injury respond well to treatment with venom. Chronic pain in the back and "neck" can positively affect, as in other pain.
  • Wounds (marks) tissues.
  • Multiple sclerosis.


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